how social media marketing influnce audience to attend mega event through study of consumer behavior Custom Essay

this paper will focus on how social media marketing engage with audience to attend mega event (like music festival :Glastonbury)also link with consumer behaviour .
Please strictly follow the structure from A-L. For more detail please see the file I uploaded to you(file name: Instruction details to follow).
a. Abstract
b. Acknowledgements
c. Contents Page
d. List of Tables and Figures
e. List of abbreviations
f. Introduction (word length guide 1,500 words)
g. Literature Review (word length guide 5,000 words)
h. Methodology (word length guide 2,000 words)Please conduct secondary or primary research
I. Results and Discussion (word length guide 5,000 words)
j. Conclusions and Recommendations (word length guide 1,500 words)
k. Evaluation of Study and Scope for Further Research
l. Reference List
m. Appendices

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