Human Resource Management Custom Essay

Design a selection procedure (interview, job sample performance test(s), cognitive ability test(s), personality inventory, a polygraph, reference checks, a physical exam if appropriate, etc.—whatever

approaches you think might be appropriate) for your organization (or one that you are familiar with) for an entrance level managerial job. Be sure to select tasks that pertain to the job and specify where you

are tapping what tasks with what selection process. Be sure to discuss the nature of the managerial job first, and then build a procedure that has multiple parts, being sure to discuss what is known about the

reliability, validity, utility and the legal concerns you might have with each part of the procedure. Finally, be sure to discuss the strategic importance of each part of the procedure for the organization (why you

might be recommending each part). This document should be approximately 8 pages long, double spaced, with an abstract and appropriately formatted (APA) citations and bibliography.
*For the organization, choose an accounting firm. Don’t use the interview procedure. You can use elements of it but don’t use it exclusively.

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