Human Resource training in the banking industry Custom Essay

The effect of training on organisational performance. A comparative study of Pireaeus and DSK banks located in Bulgaria.
Please write an introduction chapter of the dissertation.
First part. Include what HR training practices are available and used in the banking industry. After that evaluate the influence of training on the organizational performance in the existing literature. Clearly state that the training of top management reflects the service provided by the banks, which results higher profits and loyal clients. Define key concepts, explain why the research project is necessary and how it fits into debates and arguments in the relevant academic literature. When writing the background please include information about the European banking industry and more particularly about Bulgaria if you find relevant literature. It is very important you use ACADEMIC publications and HR theories to illustrate the importance of the topic. I will send you a sample of how you should structure the introduction. Please do not hesitate to ask me if you need more explanation.

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