Human resources management Custom Essay

Topic: Human resources management

Analyse the case provided in the attached Word file and the two videos and prepare a written report to the business’s managing director recommending improvements for the firm’s human resources (HR) performance. The report will need to include:

• An executive summary
• A critical analysis of the firm (from the perspective of HR)

Please ensure you watch the videos and pay attention to each manager’s comments, as the video has critical information for your report embedded within.

Recommendations should be backed up by literature including justification for solutions chosen.

HR management reference to consider, amongst others, while preparing the report:

Kramar, R, Bartram, T, De Cieri, H, Noe, R, Hollenbeck, J, Gerhart, B & Wright, P 2014, Human resource management in Australia, 5th edn, McGraw-Hill, Sydney.

Nankervis, A, Compton, R & Baird, M 2011, Human resource management: strategies & processes, 7th edn, Thomson, Victoria.

Sappey, RA 2009, Industrial relations in Australia: work & workplaces, 2nd edn, Pearson, NSW.

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