Humanities Custom Essay

Chose 1 of the following topics and write a 4 page (double-spaced) paper. Be sure to include examples from the text(s) and go beyond what we have discussed in class in your analysis of the material. You should include a separate paper with references. I expect you to make a clear argument or thesis statement in the introduction, and then support your thesis with evidence from the primary text and secondary readings. See syllabus or formatting handout (on Blackboard) for rules regarding formatting, guidelines, and overall expectations. If you do not follow these rules, you will be penalized. You must turn in your paper in class; I will not accept emailed versions.

Topic 1: Women in Epic
The Iliad and the Odyssey offer a wealth of depictions of women, both mortal and divine, from innocent virgins to wrathful monsters, faithful wives and divine seductresses. Write an analysis of some aspect of the representation of women in the Iliad and/or the Odyssey. Possible questions to consider are: How are women portrayed—positive or negative? Is there a difference (or similarity) between divine and mortal women? What about between men and women? What values do women represent in these male driven epics? How is marriage presented in the epics? You are welcome to do a comparison between the epics, just look at one, or even compare to women in Hesiod.

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