Hydraulic Fracturing/Public Policy/Regulations Custom Essay

This Paper is for a Public Policy course, with that stated, the writer should talk about hydraulic fracturing and ground water regulations and concerns. Below is the instructor recommended outline. I don;t care

what the view or argument is, just as long as it is a quality paper.


PPA 340: Recommended outline for final paper

– Title

– Introduction

Include an overview of the paper. (Don’t make up your mind about the policy recommendation at this point. You have to examine the problem thoroughly before making a recommendation).

– Background / problem statement

What problem is this policy trying to mitigate? How big is the problem? Provide data. What are the different dimensions to the problem? What will happen if we ignore the problem? In other words, establish

the scope and significance of the problem.

– Key actors

Who are the key official actors? How are they lined up on this issue (that is, what policies are they going to support or oppose)? Remembering that not all actors are equally powerful, you must identify who the

most influential actors are.

– Problem definition

Why has this become an important issue now? Which actors have played a role in highlighting the significance of this problem? Was there a focusing event? Are any of the actors venue-shopping?

– Policy recommendation

Specify in great detail the policy that you are recommending. Why do you think this is the best policy solution to mitigate the problem? What type of policy is it? Is your policy recommendation driven by a

philosophical position (utilitarianism, libertarianism, etc.)?

At what level is this policy targeted? / Who will have to implement this policy (individual citizen, city government, federal government, etc.)? Pros and cons of your recommended policy- what would be some

immediate positive and negative consequences of your recommended policy? (You must acknowledge that all policies will have positive and negative impacts).

– Summary and conclusion

– List of references


– Please remember that all claims have to be backed by reasons, examples, or evidence.

– Your argument should never sound one-sided.

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