innovative way of leadership and decision making Custom Essay

Assignment instruction:

1. Select 5 literature review about “innovative way of leadership and decision making ”

2. Write a literature review about the 5 article by summaries them together

3. Then Criticize the following on these 5 Literature reviews as the following :

a. Research questions

b. Is each of these literature reviews , find out if literature review were linked together properly or the writer wasn’t not focus on one area.

4. What method has been used (qualitative or quantitative methods on these 5 literature reviews?) are the results clear and the way analysis was used, does the result answer the research question.

5. How these 5 literature reviews can be written better

Final assignment will have the following layout:


(About the 5 selected literature review)

Summarizing the 5 literature review by one theme

Criticizing the 5 literature review (follow the above instructions)

Method has been used on these 5 literature review

Area of improvement on writing these literature review

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