Rooms Division Management

Report format, with numbered headings and table of contents.

Weighting: 35%. Penalties apply for plagiarism and late submission.
Task Requirements:
Your ‘Interpersonal Communication Portfolio’ must contain the following three sections:
1.) An overview of interpersonal communication (700 words max.)
• Define interpersonal communication according to academic sources of literature.
• With reference to a specific model of interpersonal communication, explain the key elements that are involved in interpersonal communication.
• Draw particular attention to factors that will enhance/impede effective interpersonal communication.
• Where appropriate, refer to key theories or principles that underpin interpersonal communication.
2.) An assessment of the impact of interpersonal communication on managerial effectiveness in hotels (850 words max.)
• With specific reference to the academic literature related to interpersonal communication in hotels, evaluate the impact of interpersonal communication on managerial effectiveness in hotels, paying particular attention to:
a. A manager’s ability to effectively manage and motivate individuals and teams.
b. An employee’s ability to effectively deliver quality service to guests.

Other instructions:
The report must be written in third person. Sections and pages must be appropriately numbered.
This individual assignment must show evidence of independent research. You must refer to a wide-range of quality, peer-reviewed academic sources in researching and writing your report. You must refer to a minimum of ten academic citations to support your argument(s). Use APA referencing style only. All references included in the list must be cited in your report.
Lecture notes ARE NOT considered an acceptable academic reference and certainly do not demonstrate independent research. The information contained in lecture slides was originally sourced from somewhere, if you want to refer to this information, you must locate and cite the original published source.
Appendices are not appropriate to this assignment. Any visuals that support your argument (e.g. a model of interpersonal communication) should be included in-text as a figure, and must be appropriately labelled.
Hints and Tips:
A good rule-of-thumb for judging the quality of your sources of information is to look at the references provided by your source. If there are none, then it is a dubious source. If the reference list contains blogs, internet magazines, etc., then the source is also questionable. When the reference list contains other peer-reviewed, academic and referenced material, the quality of the source is more likely to be high.

The best sources for the first section of this assignment (overview of interpersonal communication) are hard copy textbooks on interpersonal communication – the kind that would be set as a required reading for a university course on interpersonal communication. You will not find a detailed review of interpersonal communication models and theories in journal articles. Nor will a visit to a local council library provide you with the kind of academic textbooks that are appropriate for this section.
The best sources for the second section of this assignment (impact of interpersonal communication on managerial effectiveness in hotels) are academic journals, particularly those that are related to hospitality management or service management. The best way to access these journals are through the online databases provided by the Griffith University Library, e.g. Hospitality and Tourism (H&T) Complete.
Ensure you thoroughly proofread your document prior to submission. Reports must be professionally presented and easy to read. Use writing that links the end of one
section to the start of the next – do not treat each section as a distinct entity, separate to the whole. If English is not your first language, have a native English speaker read your work before you submit it – Student Services can provide more information on these kinds of resources.
Review the marking criteria regarding the breakdown of marks for each section and ensure that your report adequately addresses the criteria.

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