journal review Custom Essay

this is a review of the journal (at least over the past year of issues) not anything on a particular topic. it should be 5 pages review and 1 page that contains bibliographical information and a summary of the professional source.

Specifications: no more than 1200-1500 words, double-spaced, stapled, page-numbered, APA style, default margin (1 inch). You will examine approximately 12 issues (or volumes) of a key journal in your field, proceedings of a major conference, or other sources about information and communication technologies (ICTs) in society. The review should summarize and analyze the selected source. Consider including the information about a range of topics examined, any specific traits from the best, typical, and worst articles, target audience, nature of contributors, etc. in the review. This activity will help us better understand the strengths/gaps in various magazines, journals or conference proceedings that examine social aspects of ICTs.
Potential sources include popular tech-world magazines (e.g., Wired, Technology Review), professional magazines (e.g., Communications of the ACM, Interactions, D-lib Magazine, Online Magazine, MultiMedia & Internet@Schools), journals (e.g., The Information Society, Social Science Computer Review, Journal of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, Information Technology and Libraries, Information, Technology and People), and conferences (e.g., Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Conference on ACM CHI, or Hawaiian International Conference on System Sciences). In addition, there are numerous other journals and conferences that examine specialized technologies or application domains, such as distance education, multimedia, digital libraries, etc.
Use the reading about the discourses of information and communication technologies, especially the following article: Kling, R. (1994). Reading “all about” computerization: How genre conventions shape non-fiction social analysis. The Information Society, 10(3), 147-172. You need to cite this article in the report.
I will upload my chosen journal.
Thank you.

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