Knowledge management affect and facilitate collective leadership in the in organisational learning in the Media sector at Saudi Arabia Custom Essay

The proposal is 10 pages: i want to edit on it some pages. it wont take much work and i placed the order 3 pages because what you will edit or write will not be more than 825 words, its some change, tell me

if it needs more than when you finish and i can pay more. PLEASE DONT CHANGE ANYTHING more than those points as the supervisor needs :

Here are the points that I need you to work on to improve your proposal.
1- The aim of the proposal is not clear as it include the role of collective leadership in supporting organisational learning while the title was looking at the knowledge management role in this process.
2- the objectives of the research does not match and map with the aim of the research as there nothing mentioned at all about organisational learning.
3- the literature review need to be consolidated to reflect how these three variables will integrate together to achieve the research aim.
4- there is no mentioning at all to the expected contribution of the knowledge in the proposal.
5- a careful consideration of the theory underpinning the suggested research framework need to be discussed briefly within the literature.

ALSO, you should mention a little bit about knowledge management in Introduction and Background, ,
Chapter 2 Literature Review: you should add something about a Leadership ?..
we need another objectives such as development of a framework, framework requirements, evaluating the proposed tool or FM etc

Chapter 7 add little bit from a Conclusion and Future Research :as his comments

dont make it longer than 11 pages. so you can edit or delete if there is information not important to be mentioned

the same references no need to search more
you can delete the unnecessary

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