Kurdistan diplomacy Custom Essay

Dear writer,

Please find feedback from my supervisor and update accordingly.

Your paper is progressively including the aspects that are necessary to be considered in a research process. I can see that you are on the right path in order to achieve well your dissertation.

Also, I would like to suggest that in the part of your paper called “literature review” you add a description of why you decided to select the literature review you have decided to select (why some specific books, internet websites, articles where important and relevant for your specific topic). You do not have to do it for every title but at least for some of them.
-At the moment dissertation contains 24,042 words and according to regulation maximum 25,000 words so please consider word counts.

An important part is that you also develop a bit further the critical part linked to your research and about the difficulties you have encountered in your research process.
Important is also that you follow strictly all the indications that are in our dissertation guideline when it comes to formatting issues. (The bibliography should be after your appendix for example)
-My schools rule is below
1. Cover Page
2. Copyright Page
3. Signature Page
4. Title Page
5. Dedications
6. Acknowledgements and/or Preface
7. Abstract
8. Table of Contents
9. List of Tables
10. List of Figures
11. List of Illustrations/Maps/Slides
12. Text
13. Appendix
14. Glossary: may, instead, be placed after the Table of Contents in the area with the
Lists of Tables, List of Figures, etc. Continue page numbering with Arabic numerals. !
15. Bibliography: other possible titles are “References” or “Works Cited.” Continue
page numbering with Arabic numerals.
16. Vita

So please add list of tables/figures accordingly.

Thank you in advance.


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