La paletteria Custom Essay

This is my plan: ( )
In 1660, Italian Francesco Procope was to find the perfect combination of fruit, sugar and snow, which would allow him to take the first ice cream store in the world.
To continue this wonderful tradition, La Paletteria offers the best mix of Colombian products with authentic Italian recipe, and thus making the finest handcrafted popsicles. Any act of magic has a secret. Ours is the combination of the highest dedication and a touch of love that makes our products the best experience.

The purpose of this business is to outline the parameters under which the principals will pursue the construction, development and operation of a franchised La Paletteria in a key location at Miami beach.

La Paletteria Miami (frabchisee) will construct, develop and operate a licensed franchised ice cream shop of the La Paletteria Colombia (franchisor). This single retail shop will sell La Paletteria’s ice cream and related products, all manufactured by the franchisor under its name.

I want it to be located in miami beach in a food truck that will be moving around miami, and in events (sweet 16, parties etc).

Once your topic is approved you will need to draft your proposal. Your proposal will be a brief overview of your research, marketing plan and creative brief. The proposal enables you to begin the investigation process, as well as planning the intent of your campaign. Your class professor, department chair as well as other two faculty members will want to see that you have a clear understanding of your topic and its future execution. Think of your proposal as the starting process.

Proposal Elements
Each student’s proposal will need several mandatory elements. The elements will be as follows:

1. Introduction

Why do you pick the topic, tell a story… it is similar to the topic approval but deeper, one page will be enough.

2. Definition of terms.

Define terms that may not be recognizable to other persons. An example would be Web 2.0. You would list the Web 2.0 in your definition of terms list and explain what it means. You would also provide an APA citation to your explanation.


Web 2.0: refers to interactive elements of the web, such as and not limited to: apps, social communities, games, videos, social communities, blogs, wikis, etc. (O’Reily, 2005).

3. Problem and Significance.

What problem will you be addressing and what is its significance? It is a new business, are you expanding the business, creating a campaign to increase sales, creating awareness…
What will be your studies social significance/importance? We do not want more clutter in society so let’s do something good for someone, be unique and address a problem do not create a new one.

4. Research

This is your opportunity to find quantitative and qualitative support from primary (2) and secondary sources and to find 3 related case studies.
A primary source is an original material, the raw material or first-hand information, can be a person with direct knowledge of a situation, or a document created by such a person. You will design interviews, surveys, outline an observational study, etc. with clear milestones of what are you hoping to get from it. Explain who will be your population sample? Where are you getting them? random, specific place and/or time; how many persons will you interview, survey, etc. At this point just design it and work on it. The conclusions/results must be included in your marketing plan.
A secondary source is something written about a primary source like comments on, interpretations of or discussions about the original material. Check sources of information like articles, books, blogs, databases, marketing plans…
You must review 3 existing case studies; look for similar products and/or similar situations so you can have a broad idea of similar problems and their solutions, what went great and/or wrong.
Include conclusions about your findings

5. References

List all references and in text citations that you have in your proposal
You cannot cite more than 30% from any source, if you are quoting it must be properly done in
APA format
This is the one used for the American Advertising Federation so it is the one used in the industry.

Rubric Proposal

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