LeRoy Karas Custom Essay

Based on the Leroy Karas ecomap and his case study. 1st paragrapgh should be a summary. The 2nd paragrapgh should explain the strongest influences in leroys life according to the ecomap. THe third

paragrapgh explain how LeRoy’s ecomap might change as he transitions from middle adulthood to late adulthood. Include information about either Levinson’s life structure theory or Erik Erikson’s theory of

psychosocial development to explain the transitions LeRoy is experiencing. the 4th should be If you were working with LeRoy, do you think you would have any prejudices or biases toward any of the systems

affecting his behavior?
If so, what would they be and how would you handle them?
What stereotypes and misconceptions would you have to consider? (Be sure to use the information on ethics from the National Organization of Human Services and refer to it in your answer.)

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