lesson plan Custom Essay

I will attach 2 written texts choose one of them to do the following:
1- analyse the register and genre of the text.( template will attach to be fill in the register and genre)
2- find out the language features in the text.
3- make a lesson plan based on the text and the language features which will be taught to the students.( the structure and table of the lesson plan will be attached)
4- No need for any references.
5- choose simple language.
6- I please be aware of the dead line I have no time for any extension.
7- call me or send email if there is any question.
8- this assignment is easy but it should be did carefully so I need a professional in ( text-based English as a second language professor )
9- there is not a limit for words count so i just need to fill the tables correctly so I do not now how many words it will be. So please do your best in analysing the text and organize the lesson plan correctly.

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