This is a knowledge assessment. Students are required to answer all questions.
Required format details: Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing of 2.
You currently work for a very small but thriving organisation (You may choose the type of
organisation that you wish to use for this project) that expects to grow at a very fast rate. Please
discuss your proposed profession/organisation with your trainer and answer all of the following
1. Based on your research, predict growth and downsizing for your chosen profession according
to labour requirements. What is the forecast for growth in your industry?
2. What diversity legislation should you be aware of? Complete a sample diversity plan for the
3. As the organisation has just started expanding, recommend the type of structure the
organisation should have and why?
4. What do you need to consider, when you review labour budgets? What type of staffing budget
should you ask for the meet future needs?
5. What objectives should you use to modify or to retain the workforce? Why choose these
objectives? Who are the stakeholders and how should objectives be communicated to them?
6. Turnover has been high recently. Develop a tool that can be used to assist in identifying the
cause of high turnover rate. Come up with a recommendation on how to minimise the rate of
turnover and its underlying causes. Define strategies to source skilled labour in your chosen
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3344 1922
BSBHRM513A Manage Workforce Planning – Updated on 06/02/2015 Page 3
7. Using a flow chart, design a procedure to action objectives for training, re-deployment and
redundancy within your chosen organisation. What program(s) would you recommend your
employer of choice to offer based on the current profession your organisation is working in?
8. What possible areas of difficulty exist in your profession? Outline strategies as to how to
overcome these problems from the external market.
9. Identify global trends or incidents that will have or do have an impact on Australia, and
recommend changes based on those trends or incidents.

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