Managing in the global context Custom Essay

Case study

Managing in the global context

Follow this link to the corporate history of Fuji Films and explore the its global strategy since 1995.

Identify the different socio cultural and legal-political environments Fuji Films has been operated in .

Analyse the differences of a work environment in each of these national contexts focusing on the issues of

(a) decision making process
(b) approaches to work and motivation

What are the appropriate management practices that are likely to lead to more motivated employees and high performance in each of those national contexts.

The aims of this assignment are:

to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the various theories and concepts introduced in the subject and their application to different national and industry contexts;
to develop skills in presenting a balanced argument of the issues around global management and corporate social issues
to encourage in-depth research on particular topics
Marking criteria

In assessing your research report, you will be expected to:

· demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and theories discussed;
· present a balanced argument that considersnal business typology looks at several different ways of doing business away from the home country and clearly the strategy chosen should combine with the cultural

and socio political environment to guide business activity.However there is room to question when you consider the decision making and motivation theory whether culture will always be the most significant

determinant of the approach an organisation should take.For example will cultures with so called high collectivism always produce people who are motivated more by team reward than individual benefits and

personal extrinsic rewards? Fuji is the vessel for this discussion in that it has an interesting multi national strategy which it has pursued over 60 years or more and in the last 20 years in the face of great changes

to its core business.What ever happened to Kodak? We don’t expect that you will be able to precisely analyse what Fuji has done over that time but by using the website and other materials related to the

company it is hoped that you can combine this with the theory to shed light on where the company may have succeeded and by extrapolation to suggest some international business practices of general


Please do not use an chinese references unless they are to do with kodak or the case study thanks!

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