narrative Custom Essay

1000 words in MLA Format. Place a word count at the end of the paper, after the last paragraph. Be sure to include your Writer’s Memo

The first paper is a narrative that asks you to relate an amusing incident in your life that made you realize something about yourself and/or other people. This does not mean that the paper must be an hilarious laugh riot; rather, it needs to bring a smile to people’s faces because it will have the reflective component of your readers being able to recognize themselves in your situation.

One of the key factors in writing this is that you set the stage appropriately without getting into excessive detail. Provide enough information so that your readers understand the picture and can visualize the situation you are setting up. Humor often comes out of misunderstandings and/or miscommunications; when people think one thing, but the opposite occurs. Your story can involve surprise, shock, mistakes that have funny consequences, friends, family, relatives, etc.; holiday gatherings that went wrong; misunderstandings; in fact, pretty much any situation in which something misfired. The point is to make a connection to your readers that they will understand clearly and then be able to share your emotional reactions (and be amused by them). You want people laughing with you, not at you.

i’m from Dubai so try to mention Dubai in the story, do not write a strong english structure because I’m an international student.

and i want you to put a draft please.

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