New Shoes Custom Essay

Reilly Smart needed shoes. He went to Fred’s Friendly Footwear in the Mall. After looking at the displays, he let Sally Sales wait on him. “I’m a marathon runner and I need a pair of shoes that will hold up for the 26 mile race and one month of training.” “I have just what you need,” said Sally, and brought him a pair of Runaway Xtreems. “I’ll take ‘em,” said Reilly. Reilly also bought a pair of walking shoes with heat-sealed soles off a sales display that was marked “All Sale Shoes Sold As Is.” A week later, the soles separated from the walking shoes. One month later and three miles into the race, the Xtreem shoes fell apart.
What warranties did Reilly receive on the Runaway Xtreems?
What warranties did Reilly receive on the walking shoes?
Based on your answers to the previous questions, what remedies is he entitled to pursue?

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