Operations Management Custom Essay

10-12 Microsoft PowerPoint Slides

Develop a compelling presentation to the operations manager that will explore the benefits of implementing supply chain management on his floor.

Use the following format:
10–12 slides
Eye-catching graphics, clip art, charts, and models
A minimum of 100–200 words of speaker’s notes per slide
APA, 6th edition format for all citations and references
Content should include the following:
Create 2–3 slides covering 1-2 basic terms, 1–2 concepts, and 2–3 principles of supply chain management.
Create 2–3 slides providing examples of 3 supply chain tools and techniques and explanations of how they are used.
Cite and explain 3 examples of how supply chain management has helped a company to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
Citations and references must be given for all content sources.

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