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I am team A-Team represents Ms. Capshaw and will bring suit on her behalf. Outline your arguments citing any chapter presentations, articles, or cases.

Your team will present its oral argument to the instructor in a conference call next week. Working in your team, continue to refine the content of your oral argument, and define the methods, strategies, and tactics you will use. Consider any legislation implicated, any case law implicated, and any distinction between good HRM practice and legal culpability. You should not need to conduct research of materials outside those given in this course in order to complete this project. You can reference cases, legislation, and unit introductions that are presented in this course.

With your team, create a 1–2 page outline defining how you will present your oral argument. Your outline should briefly address each of the topics you will present. Organize and present your outline in a clear manner. Format your outline according to the structure you intend to use in presenting your oral argument. The following is one possible format that might be suitable:
1.Facts: Analyze the facts involved in the case, from your side’s perspective.
2.Issues: Analyze facts or legal principles in dispute in the case.
3.Rule(s): Identify the law or legislation related to the case that supports your side’s perspective.
4.Analysis: Apply the identified rule to the issues in your case. Address the weaknesses in your side’s case and consider the opposite side of the case.
5.Conclusion: Summarize and describe the logical outcome of the case.
6.Relief Requested: What relief are you requesting from the court, and why?

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