Organizational Leadership Custom Essay

Management and Effectiveness
Part One
Drawing from a specific example from your experience, identify one (1) reason why understanding OB is important to you as a leader. Keeping this reason in mind, discuss (1) role and (1) skill of effective managers. Be specific and support your response with an example from your experience and any insight gained from your Week One OB Assessment. .
Part Two
Overview: Within the Leadership process cycle, as seen in Uhl-Bien, et al. (2014) Figure 1.7, the relationship between those leading and those following is intricate.
Analysis: Examine what role emotional intelligence and ethical management play in the leadership process. Be specific and include examples of the correlation between the two.

A Collaboration Economy: Past and present
Overview: Now that you have read chapter one of Uhl-Bien, et al. (2014), you have been introduced to the importance of understanding organizational behavior (OB), connections & networks and the influence of information technology (among other key elements of OB).
In the 2005 video ( Clay Shirky presents his thoughts on “Institutions vs. collaboration.” He examines an array of ways that social media and technology impact the way organizations and the process of organizing work.
Uhl-Bien, et al. (2014) examines how today, collaboration leaders help make the people-to-people connections that give life to collaborative organizations (pg. 5).
Compare and contrast some of the examples offered by Shirky (2005) to the concepts presented by Uhl-Bien, et al. (2014) in Building Skills to Succeed in a Collaboration Economy.
Support your analysis.

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