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The paper will be around 6 or 7 pages including all of the sections

Section 1, (2 points):
Make a chart (pie or bar) of your monthly media costs. Include cell phone, internet, movie rentals, Netflix, cable, magazines, newspapers, satellite radio, video games, books, etc. If your parents pay the bills

for the whole family, figure out how much would be your part and use that. Be sure to include the actual $$ figures for each medium in your chart.

Section 2, (5 points):
Write a media diary for 5 days. You will keep track of your media use, the amount of time spent and briefly describe the content, and media uses and gratification. Include the number of texts you sent AND the

number of texts you received each day. [outcome#1 from syllabus]
For example, “reading the Los Angeles Times, 20 minutes, sports section, stimulation.”
“watched Family Guy, 45 minutes, escape.”
“received 15 texts, sent 11”

Section 3, (5 points):
This section of the paper will describe how and why you use media in relation to uses and gratification theory discussed in class and in the book [outcome#3 on syllabus]. Make sure you identify your uses with

gratifications received.

Section 4, (5 points):
This section will go over the cost you spend on media. You will discuss how important media are to you in relation to how much you spend on media. Consider and compare the amount you spend on media to

the amounts you spend on other utilities, give to charity/church and spend on hobbies/personal items.

Section 5, (5 points):
I am asking you to spend a day without media. The details will be discussed in class.
This section will describe your day without media (what the experience was like). Note your anxiety, observations, realizations. Describe how you occupied your time without media. What conclusions or

connections did you make?

Section 6, (5 points):
This section will go over what you learned from this project.

Grammar, spelling, punctuation and proofing (3 points)

This paper is about your experience and the importance of media in your life (culture, attitudes and beliefs [outcome#4 on syllabus]). Use the industry terms discussed in class throughout your paper

[outcome#2 on syllabus]. The paper must be typed, stapled, double spaced, with 12-point font
…..please no less than 6 pages. take care

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