Performance Management Plan Custom Essay

Complete the Performance Management Plan task as described in the Email from Traci on the Atwood and Allen Consulting page (BELOW). Required elements:

Medium Business Scenario:

From: Traci Goldeman
To: You (ME- I work for Traci)
Subject: Performance Management Plan

It’s Traci again. This week, I need you to develop a performance management framework to recommend to the client. You’ll need to make sure you address the following:

• Alignment of the performance management framework to the organizational business strategy
• Organizational performance philosophy
• The job analysis process you will complete to identify the skills needed by employees
• Methods used for measuring the employee’s skills
• Process for addressing skill gaps
• Approach for delivering effective performance feedback

Oh, and make sure to reference my communication with the client for any relevant information. I look forward to seeing what you develop.


Traci Goldeman
Atwood and Allen Consulting
Phone Call Transcript: Communication with the client – Marylee Luther – HR Director at Clapton Commercial Construction

Phone Conversation:

Traci: Hi, this is Traci.
Marylee: Hey Traci, this is Marylee Luther returning your call.

Traci: Hey Marylee, did you get the recommendations for the pay and benefits strategies I sent over?

Marylee: Yes, I got them and I’m still looking them over, but they look really good so far.

Traci: Great! While you review those, I’d like to have my employees start working on some recommendations for a performance management plan for you. Is that all right?

Marylee: That would be great. What information do you need from me?

Traci: I think I have everything I need, but let me just run through it with you to make sure our information is current. Let me pull up my list. OK…type of business?

Marylee: Commercial construction business.
Traci: New location?

Marylee: Expanding to Arizona.

Traci: Current location?

Marylee: We’re currently located in Detroit, Michigan.

Traci: Number of employees?

Marylee: We have 650 employees, and we plan on adding 20% in the new state.

Traci: Annual Net Revenue?

Marylee: We have an annual net revenue of $10,000,000.

Traci: Revenue growth?

Marylee: We expect our current -3% revenue growth to stay the same, at least for the first year.

Traci: OK, that’s the information I have on file, so we’re good to go there. We’ll also need to know your turnover rate.

Marylee: Sure. Based on historical data, our turnover rate is 20%. We’re forecasting the same rate after the expansion.

Traci: All right. That should be all the information we need right now to come up with some recommendations for you. We’ll get them over to you within the next week or two.

Marylee: That sounds great!

Traci: OK, have a great week.

Marylee: You too.

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