Permanent magnets (used in magnetic resonance imagaing) Custom Essay

Topic: permanent magnets (used in magnetic resonance imagaing)

permanent magnets which use in magnetic resonance technology
(uses.. advantages… disadvantages … limitations of uses.. maximum and minimum strength……….etc

(Your work should have a formal structure with)
• Outline (1 slide): showing the structure of the presentation
• Introduction (6slides): introducing key concepts relevant to your topic and provide a background that leads into your topic
• Key concepts relating to your topic (7slides): Describe the topic in detail, making sure concepts are explained clearly
• Figures, illustrations and diagrams (as appropriate): These should aid understanding of difficult concepts
• Text (keep 1 concept per 1 bullet point, 3 concepts maximum per slide): Text should not be excessive, but sufficient for reader to understand the key concepts presented
• Equations (should be used sparingly, however in some instances it may be necessary): Can be used, however equation variables and terms should all be explained and their relevance highlighted
• Advantages and disadvantages, limitations and drawbacks (2 slides): Point out how the technique fits within the broader field
• Utility of chosen topic (3slides): How useful is the topic of choice in practice? What are the applications?
• Directions (2slides): What types of research and development were outcomes of findings within the area of your chosen topic?
• Summary (1 slide): State key points relating to your findings about your topic
• References

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