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My name is Chakrit Raksachat, I was born in Thailand and moved to the U.S at the age of 7. I graduated in 2011 from Panther Creek High school with poor grades, my priorities were not in check so my grades were affected. I realized after graduation that i needed to change my life and couldn’t go down this path any longer. I joined the Marine Corps because i thought that they were a strong group of individuals with a great history and a sense of pride. I took on the challenge and went to bootcamp on Feb 2012. i endured the 13 week long initial training that all recruits had to complete in order to serve this country. I completed bootcamp and was meritoriously promoted to the rank of PFC for being a squad leader. I went to my first unit 2nd battalion 8th Marines and deployed with them in 2013 as a grenadier, our job was to raid for intel and or capture personnel throughout Helmand province. Everyone arrived safely back home, I was quickly placed in a Team Leader billet for showing potential for being a leader. I was given 2 Marines under my charge and 1 Navy Corpsman. In 2015 we deployed to Romania and got to interact with the locals, i volunteered at a battalion event to clean up Gravity Park in Constanta. Many locals participated in helping us! we also drew the attention of many news channels, many camera crew and reporters came to witness US forces and Local cohesion. I was given the opportunity to travel to Bulgaria, Lithuania and Georgia. I had the experience to work along side other military branches such as Germans, French, Bulgarians, Lithuanians, Georgians, Romanians and many others! During the deployment I was meritoriously promoted to the rank of Corporal for Outstanding Leadership and initiative. The military helped me find myself i am goal oriented, driven, natural born leader, discipline to do what is right. Now it has given me the chance to go to school again, to start the next chapter of my life.

This essay is to show how ive changed as a person lists my accomplishments. College should accept me because i bring diversity for example my heritage and i am a Veteran. I’m a natural leader and i am a great asset to the school because i can help influence younger students outside and during classes to become a better them and drive them to succeed, help them learn and become a mature adult which greatly reflects the reputation of the school.

other facts if it helps
-I enrolled in American Military University and completed 3 online(College Algebra, English, College 101) courses in 2014
-I played football in highschool
-Lead my team during training opererations

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