Poland Custom Essay

This report is meant to include more information than your oral presentation, as well as a visit to
a market that sells foods from the country you chose. It should be written up in your words, in
paragraph format. A “Works Cited” list must be included.
Please include all pertinent information on your country or region including:

Content should include:
Official Name of Country
Type of Government
Outside Cultural Influences
Cultural Traditions/ Religions/ Holidays
Health Issues of Population/ Life Expectancy
Manners/ Etiquette/ Gestures
People/ Economic Conditions
Domestic Life
Typical/Common Foods
Protein Sources
Spices/ Herbs/ Sauces
Special Equipment and Cooking Style
Specialty Dishes
Regional Cuisine Differences
May include Recipes

Include description of a visit to an ethnic market and interesting facts (a least one) on how
a person from this country thinks or behaves.
Anything that makes this cuisine unique!

A list of “Works cited” must be included. This will list all sources of your information that you
used in your research including websites and at least one print reference. References and
citations need to be in standard format. NO Wikipedia references are allowed.

Length and Format – I am not looking for a specific length on this report, but you must cover
all of the above points in a concise manner that is meaningful to your country. It should be
written up in your words, in paragraph format. Remember to focus on the food! Anything less
than 4 pages (without recipes, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 size font) is probably not
going to include enough information.

An “A” paper will include all of the above in an organized fashion, well written
without major spelling or grammatical errors, as well as extras such as: a map,
discussion with someone from that culture (“inside information”), description of a
visit to a market that caters to this culture, etc.

65% – correct content covered as above
15% – “Works Cited” in proper citation format* use of in-text citations.

A minimum of 3 references is required, one should be a PRINT reference. NO
Wikipedia references are allowed. NOTE: a print reference is a book or
periodical, not a web reference , no wikipedia

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