Problem and Policy Review Custom Essay

The subject area is Public administration. the course is public policy analysis. This is a Final Papers that has 35% . the professor is very demanding and you need to follow all the instructions. Make sure to read and answer all points carefully. Actually This paper is based on the proposal paper ( you find in the attachment) in this paper already I selected the problem which is ( Crime and Drugs) and the policy which is (The policy to be applied in addressing the problem is the Anti-Drugs Act of 1988). and also includes: Timeline for Completion and Methodological Framework. Keep In your mind answering the five questions is depend on this proposal paper.

– The analysis of your problem and policy should include, but is not limited to, the following questions. Use them as guidelines to the content of your paper.

1. Introduction to the policy and the problem it is trying to solve. Additionally, you need to discuss the methodology you will use to develop this analysis in this section.
2. Analysis of the problem. This includes:
• What is the problem in society that is being addressed by this policy?
• This problem must be relevant to life in the Inland Empire or the southern California region we live in.
• What are the costs of the problem or policy, (financial, societal, or both)?
• What is the origin or source to this problem?
• Is it a problem that can be solved? Without limits or under reasonable/likely conditions?
• Should it be solved by government or is it better solved through the private or non-profit sectors?
• Make sure you provide data and indicators to make your case.
3. Detailed description of the policy. This includes:
• What are the policy goals?
• Which level of government developed the policy? Which level is implementing the solution? Are these two different? If so, why?
• Major stakeholders involved. What was the initial intent of the policy? Who is expected to benefit from the policy?
• Is there another group that is actually impacted (positively or negatively?) by the policy? Who (person, agency, organization?) worked to get the policy put into place and why? Who developed the policy?
• Are there any international actors or influences in the development of this policy?
• Are there any possible international impacts from this policy?
4. Discussion of the policy implementation.
• What are the instruments being used?
• Who is implementing the policy?
• What is the role of bureaucracy?
• What are the costs to implement this program? How many people are served?
5. Results of the policy
• How effective has the policy been?
• What are the limitations to the policy? Are the limitations greater than the successes or vice versa?
• What would be better direction for the policy? What corrections would you suggest be made to make the policy more effective?
6. Conclusions

The format for the policy paper must be: 10 to 15 page paper, double spaced, one inch margins, and standard font (Arial, Times New Roman)—with appropriate research and sources to back up your findings and conclusions. Remember to provide appropriate citations and you must use the APA style. The Web site Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) is an excellent source for information. It can be found at You are expected to review this site and follow the format for in-text/parenthetical sourcing of your references in your papers. There must be a minimum of 10 sources that include the texts from class, which is
• Heineman, R.A., Bluhm, W.T., Peterson, S.A., & Kearny, E.N. (2001). The World of the Policy Analyst. 3rd ed. New York: Chatham House Publishers, Seven Bridges Press, LLC.

• Pal, L.A. (2013). Beyond Policy Analysis: Public Issue Management in Turbulent Times. 5th ed. Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Nelson.

(Relate the theory to your case), academic journals, and major news sources as well as any other additional works that supports your analysis. Web sites such as Wikipedia are not considered credible sources to be cited but are good beginning information sources. I would use them in my research but not cite them. Get the information from a peer reviewed source.

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