Professional Learning Custom Essay

Orlando Florida. Orange County Public School. Pineloch Elementary

In this week’s “Content: Connecting Data, Professional Learning, and Student Achievement” required reading, Dr. Lois Easton emphasizes that educators need to design professional learning based on identified needs and according to their own content, context, and process. In this assignment, you will practice the thinking involved when designing professional learning that addresses these components and begins with the end (student learning) in mind.

Consider an area of student learning that you know is in need of improvement at your study school. Then, describe student and educator learning needs (the content of learning) as follows:

What do students need to know and be able to do in the area you identified in terms of KASAB (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Aspiration, Behavior)?
In order for students to achieve and grow in this area, what do educators need to know and be able to do in terms of KASAB?
What do leaders of professional development need to do to support student and educator efforts?
Based on the Learning Resources this week, what types of professional learning strategies (process) might fit this content and the context at your study school?

Submit a summary of your initial ideas for professional learning in terms of content (KASAB for students and teachers) and specific process and context considerations at your study school related to the content.

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