Project Management Custom Essay

Identify a business issue/problem, or opportunity as below;
Option 1:
You have just started working for a company that produces technology for oil companies, and have joined a project team that will analyse the business and identify a short term project to meet the opportunity identified, in the field of wearable technology, e.g. Economist March 2015 – Energy Firms, especially mining, oil and gas, could use wearable tech to monitor the safety of employees in hazardous situations.
In this context you have been tasked with examining the benefits of wearable tech to your firms clients’ and employees – e.g. These could be efficiency improvements, such as improvement in service, new ways of working, even new products (this task require research prior to attending the tutorials), increased safety, more efficient monitoring, improve or enhance operations etc.
You are to recommend a international project – short-term project (up to 12 months)- by which you will introduce the wearable tech to the market/ an identified oil & gas organisation. To meet the overall business need of your firm, of achieving increased sales and competitive advantage.
Option 2:
You have just started working for an oil company, and have joined a project team that will analyse the business and identify a short term project to meet the opportunity or issue identified. In this context you have been tasked with examining digital communications. How does the company communicate with its stakeholders – customers and internally.
You need to come up with a business project that could be solved by undertaking a short-term project (up to 12 months) relating to digital communications e .g. improvements to the Management Information Systems (CRM) or global customer communications, in some form for your energy firm, to meet the overall business need, of achieving increased sales and competitive advantage.
For both Options
For both Options you will need to analyse your organisation’s current situation to establish a need for a specific project in this area that will improve or integrate with your existing operations. It should be a project that will help your company gain competitive advantage with a measurable outcome or improve operations in some way.
As you will be recommending the project the dates must be in the future.
The final report should be presented in the style of a formal report addressing your senior management team. Use business English and write in the third person e.g. “It is recommended that…” not, “I think we should do this…” Ensure your tasks are clearly signposted for the examiner by using good formatting, headings, and titles that relate to the assignment question.
Based on your chosen project you will be required to cover the following sections, which will form you overall report:
• Present chosen option and why it was chosen. The purpose of the project – what will it achieve.
• A Project Plan: produce a project plan to deliver against the milestones set out in the document via an issues/ activity log as a control method.
Section 2
• Business Environment – Micro and Macro (internal, external factors) – analysis via PEST analysis or Porters 5 Forces
• Critically Discuss the Information/Research needs – Primary/Secondary, Quantitative and Qualitative.
• Stakeholder Analysis
• Constraints Analysis (Internal and External).
Section 3
• Risk Analysis – The associated organisational risk in context, Sources of risk, Risk Analysis using Force Field Analysis, Assessment of risk on the company, Evaluation of Risk Impact and probability, a Risk Control/ response/management Programme, Contingency planning
• Assess all resource capacity, capability and necessity relative to the proposed project:
• Resource Reviews – 5 Ms of management – Men, Minutes, Machinery, Materials, Money.
• Personnel Requirements – RACI Resource capacity, capability and necessity
Section 4 – Robust cost benefit analysis.
• Project Selection
• SMART objectives
• Cost benefit analysis
o Budgeting/ Type of budget used –
?? Develop costing for the project based on identifying (research
required – prices should be based on realistic indicative figures)
the main components that you will need.
?? You will need to set the budget and discuss critically the type of
budget used to carry out the project o Costs/Budget for the project
o Financial Benefits
?? Forecast, ROI, Payback, Breakeven
• Non financial benefits
Section 5 – Scheduling
Implementation/schedule plan for the project, and communicating with stakeholders (internal and external) using project management techniques of:
• Work Breakdown Structure
• Gantt Chart
• Critical Path
• Project Control
• Communication Plan
Section 6
Discuss how the project will be;
• T ermination
• Evaluated via Post Implementation review (PIR) and use of appropriate
evaluation methodology.
• A Conclusion to the report.

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