Protocols for Professional Learning Custom Essay

Post your dilemma including a description of one or more specific issues related to the context for professional learning at your study school. Use information from this week’s Learning Resources to help describe the issue and support your ideas.

This Discussion provides an opportunity to practice using a protocol or structured inquiry format to explore issues related to the context for designing professional development.

First, consider the important role that various aspects of the school environment can play in professional development efforts as outlined in the “Context: Establishing the Environment for Professional Learning” chapter and as discussed in the Context Considerations video program. What specific issues related to professional learning at your study school came to mind as you read the chapter and watched the video program?

Then, review the “Probing Protocol” outlined in your “Protocols for Professional Learning” course text. Consider one or more of the issues you identified above to share as your dilemma for the protocol.


Multimedia: Recursive Phases of Professional Development
Click on the Design phase and view the following video:

Video: “Context Considerations” (approximate length: 5 minutes)
Principal Darwin Spiller discusses important considerations related to a school’s context when planning for professional learning.

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