Psychological Custom Essay

Topic: Psychological Assessment

The scale must be uni dimensional and have the original development document available for referencing. All the information is provided on Learning@Griffith. I will trust the writer with my account details once they have been assigned to me. I would like to have draft and be updated throughout the whole process. I would also like to help gather the participants (20-30 are required) for the survey which can be done online through surveymonkey. Details on how to use surveymonkey are also provided on Learning@Griffith. The writer must have a thorough understanding of SPSS and know how to use it. This is a major assignment and will require a lot of research and understanding of the subject. Everything needed will be available at L@G. I would so like to request for no quotes throughout the assignment. My assignment is 3000 words max excluding referencing and the title page. I would like to request a Australian Psychologist who has completed this assignment before. Or a statistics major who has experience in this field.

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