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Use the reading I have provide then answer the follow question:
Focus questions for tutorial participation (based on last week’s topic and readings)
1.Is there something essentially mean and nasty about girls? Is it especially so today – or are ancient myths about femininity remobilising now in the construction of the ‘new bad girl’?

2.Do teacher assumptions and practices about managing discipline betray a tendency to draw on gender expectations?

3.Do you see the word ‘slut’ (or its variations) losing its power to destroy the reputations of girls in the contemporary world?

Base on the reading and ppt use one sentence to answer this question:
1. Which statement captures the argument of Chesney-Lind and Irwin in ‘The new bad girl’ (2007) about why girls are featuring so heavily in the press for their bad behaviour?
2. What is the main point that Brown is putting forward as she cites Cooley (1918) on the ‘looking-glass self’?
3. In the 2014 GEN312/ SOC317 lecture on Bad girls: femininities (Lecture Ten), the lecturer cited Kamir, in Every Breath You Take (2001), on the “night stalking female demon, Lilit” who captures

the mythological character of female sexuality. Which of the following does NOT describe Lilit,in the account of Orit, as conveyed in the lecture?

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