Reflecting on critique- in the area of fashion design Custom Essay

Please refer to Assessment 3 in the unit outline. Even though you dont have to address the questions one by one, but it’s better to address as much as u can, maybe at least 6 of them.

My major is fashion design so please use fashion as the main topic.
Please also discuss: the key aspects of fashion and how postmodernism and mordernism look at it.
– how fashion create critique, image, is it marrow?
-the history of fashion, how suits came from
– Use the examples of lady gaga’s meat dress or the american express dress. what problems are those celebrities trying to address by wearing fashion?
-is fashion postmodernism or modernism.

I haven’t found the three relevant theoretical reading yet but i ‘ll figure out asap and upload it. Please do good because im on the deadline and this assessment will decide whether i can pass the unit or not..

Thank you very much.
P.S im an english language learner so my grammer is not very good. Please don’t write to deep, otherwise the lecture will find out i didn’t write long as you address the questions in the unit outline and

topics that i gave you. When referencing please refer to the chicago author date for both intext reference (surname, year) and reference list. You can also refer to the last essay that i submitted and i got 50%,

it’s up to you. However i need to get at least 65% to pass the unit. Please help! thank you very much.

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