Reflection paper on RISOS game Custom Essay

At Class we were asked to role play regarding resource allocation in PNG rural villages, there were several stakeholders, we were asked to negotiate to agree on how to share resources, and this order is to

write reflection paper on outcomes from the game (RISOS game) please carefully read following instructions, thanks.

Please write reflection paper using format of file no 1 (i’ll upload files, it’s last years student paper) change points by using file no 2 (result of this years game), and follow the format from lecturer file no 3.

Below is basic instruction from the lecturer. 5 readings are in model paper file no 1.

2.4 Reflection Paper

Prepare paper which reflects on key processes and lessons in the game from your perspective, drawing on your own experience, readings and material covered in lectures. The paper will include references to

at least 5 of the course readings. The paper will clearly present up to 4 key observations or themes that capture important insights from the game. This can include your response to issues that came up in the

game debrief. The paper will be assessed using the rubric below.

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