Religion Custom Essay

Please view the following religions – Baha’i” and “Religion – Scientology” and “Religion – Mormonism.” Then answer the following questions in your Discussion for this unit/module. The questions are:

Syncretism – As mentioned in the lessons, some people think that religions emerge in conversation with cultural and religious traditions of the day. For example, Scientology emerged as somewhat of an Americanized Hinduism in conversation with science fiction; Mormonism emerged as an Americanized Christianity; and the Baha’i faith suggests that there’s one underlying philosophical or ethical foundation for all religious traditions. Does syncretism happen? Give examples from the religious traditions we’ve studied in prior weeks and discuss what this means for the uniqueness of each individual faith tradition. Do you think there’s an underlying foundation for all religions? If so, what is it? If not, why not?
Religion and Control – People accuse Scientology of being very controlling of its members. They accuse it of breaking up families and blackmailing members into giving over large sums of money to the Church. Is there something about religious faith that is naturally controlling? Could religion exist if it gave up control of others? Does it need control to survive?

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