Research summaries and literature review for cancer related chronicCustom Essay

Topic: research summries and literature review for cancer related chronic

The first part need to be finished in 6 days. The second part can be extended to 20 days although i paid all parts for 7 days.

The first part: Research summaries for the cancer related chronic pain (1500 words).
Four summaries of current peer-reviewed journal articles (2010 to 2015) (from prestige journals) relevant to cancer related chronic pain that will contribute to the following literature review. Each summary has about 350 words.

The second part: 2. A literature review on the assessment and nursing management related to cancer related chronic pain (2000 words). It is about patients with cancer related chronic pain you are caring for during the clinical placement.

A review of the literature is not an essay. The purpose of this literature review is to critically analyse existing works in the assessment nursing management related to cancer related chronic pain. The literature you identify must be considered insightfully and then synthesised into a convincing presentation which clearly articulates the current perspectives on the topic.

A literature review aims to:
– Group authors who come to similar conclusions;
– Compare and contrast groups of authors (or single authors) with others;
– Criticise the studies, for example, on methodological grounds;
– Clarify the main issues for the reader;
– Note areas of disagreement;
– Highlight exemplary studies;
– Highlight gaps in knowledge;
– Conclude with a summary of the literature.

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