Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy and the effects on Handwriting Custom Essay

Im an Occupational therapy student. The paper is about a 6 years old patient with Spastic quadriplegia CP, fine motor incoordination, and developmental delay. The paper focuses more in the effect of handwriting because of her main diagnosis (CP). The following questions needs to be addressed:
– How Occupational therapy can modify
– Interventions using an NDT approach
– Interventions using a developmental approach
– what Gross motor skills for handwriting affect the patient.
– How Physical Therapy can help (which exercises or intervention) can be done to help the patient with handwriting.
How Speech therapy, or how will the patient benefit from speech therapy in relation to handwriting
– Activities or modifications to help for handwriting skills
– Reasons why handwriting is important, and why is important for the patient.

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