Stress test with antagonist and agonist drugs Custom Essay

Topic: Stress test with antagonist and agonist drugs

This task require you to write four full page including reference and graph as research paper. The look of research paper has to follow the medicine and science in sport and exercise in regard to reference style and writing style.
This research is about effect of various drugs on heart rate. Those drugs are either considered agonist or antagonist. I am happy to explain those terms in pharmacology.
Agonist are those drug bind to specific receptor and produce biological response. A drug like adrenaline can bind to the receptor in heart and the increase heart rate. On the other hand, the antagonist is the opposite, a drug that can bind to heart receptor and block the adrenalin interaction with that receptor resulting a decrease in heart rate.

I have good news for you, I have paper which is already done ( almost the same), you cannot replicate the work but you can use it as example. And follow the way it is organise specifically abstract, introduction and so on.
Another good news, the graphs of experiment is already done, you do not havt to do it.
I will upload the specific instruction for this task.
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