Survey Analysis Custom Essay

Topic: Survey Analysis

Being able to collect and describe good information obtained in a survey (or poll) is a key skill for communication researchers. This exercise will see how familiar you are with some of the basic survey design and results summarising tasks.

1. Class survey results
This assignment asks you to work with class survey results, which can be found in additional files.

a. For each questions #4, #9, #16 and #22 in the survey answer the following questions

– What is the mean or mode response?
– is this categorical or continuous variable?
– What type of graph is most appropriate to display this information in a report? Why?
– What is the key insight for the university’s communicators from the responses to this question?

b. Key insights
Figure out 2 key insights that can be distilled from the survey results and briefly summarise them. If you’re stuck you can focus on what the Uni can learn about PR students in 2 of the following areas:

– uni-work life balance or access to public transport of PR students;
– when would social media be the best channel for reaching PR students (hint: it’s not ‘all the time’);
– Which types of beverages would you recommend be offered at a PR student function?
– what professions students who take PR classes are interested in pursuing

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