Sustainable Marketing Custom Essay

Topic: Sustainable Marketing
Marketing for sustainability: people, planet, prosperity Establishes the origins and key features of sustainable marketing in comparison to conventional marketing practice and explains sustainability within a contemporary business context

Understanding the nature of consumption and consumer behavior: Examines the consumer’s relationship with consumption in order to understand the deep-seated attitudes of consumers towards consumption and their potential predisposition towards more sustainable behaviour

Sustainable marketing as an agent of change: Highlights the vital role marketing plays in achieving behavioural change among consumers as well as emphasising the changes in marketing practice required to help business adopt more sustainable practices.

Implementation: Explores how sustainable marketing might be implemented and the role of the different stakeholders within the network of the sustainable business. This section also looks at the future challenges presented by the sustainability agenda.


Write a report within the context of the sustainable fashion sector covering the following points:

Evaluate how any one provider of sustainable fashion is dealing with the challenges presented by the sustainability agenda. Assess the extent to which the chosen provider is managing the transition from niche to mainstream through its marketing activities indicating the suitability of its overall strategy and tactics to reach a broader consumer base.

–Other Important things to note—
1) The weightage of the report is very high. The report should demonstrate how each reference resource has contributed to the chosen case study, Sole Rebel (

2) The report had to work around the chosen company, Sole Rebel. Sole rebel is a eco-friendly comapny.

3) Sole rebel, being the case study focus. Think of yourself as a marketer and how you can influence the consumers.

4) Barriers of the consumer’s mindset, how to breakthrough lifestyle barrier.

5) How transition can take place from a niche to a mainstream company, but not losing its values. What are the marketing efforts we should adopt/ banish and how are they good and bad. What will be the strategies.

6) The report have to be written as if we are the marketer writing FOR the company. However, we do not need to create any advertisement for the company.

7) Who are our targeted consumers.

8) Tables, figures and illustrations may be included when appropriate and will NOT affect the word count.

Below is the course content so that you will have a better idea of the topics covered and relevant materials to read.


The following is an outline of the topics which course members are expected to cover as part of this module:

Session Lecture Topic

1 Sustainability – a pre-requisite for future business. How did we get to an unsustainable position? And why are we stuck? Conventional v. sustainable marketing.

2 Consumer attitudes and behavioural segmentation. Pro-sustainable consumer behaviour.

3 Reconciling product sustainability. Supply chain sustainability.

4 Communicating sustainability. Implementing and managing change.

5 Implementing and managing change.

6 Feedforward.


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ISBN: 9780273723288

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