Synopsis of a news media article on policy Custom Essay

This is Part 1 you already done Part 2 .. I have to give you Part 1 and Part 2 at the same time but i forgot so can you go back to part 2 and read it before start doing the homework because the newspaper

article summarised in part 1 needs to be related to the policy you are analysing in part 2.

((( I have attached Part 2 and the article )))

Part 1. Synopsis of a news media article on policy (1000 words):

Locate a news media article that has been published in the last 12 months, related to the education policy you explored in Assignment 1.

If you cannot find a media article on that policy then choose to a new policy with a media article about it, for this assignment. Choose a substantive media article rather than a brief one. Information on where to

find article is under the Ground Rules heading at the end of this page.

You must provide a synopsis of the news media article using the following headings (see example of format below):

1- Citation for media article in APA 6th referencing style

2- Description of the education policy that the article addresses (who developed it, its purpose and scope)

3- A summary of the main ideas or issues raised in the news article.

4- The use of evidence in the article.

5- Identify who will be affected by the policy (stakeholder impact).

6- Identify links to broader policy trends.

7- Brief reflection on the article from your professional perspective.

ask me anytime .. thank you .

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