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We are grateful for choosing Hope Papers academic research assistance agency. Our pride and principle is to proffer you with superior quality academic products and services 24/7. We pledge allegiance to providing accurate answers to your queries and tribulations every time. Our utmost desire is to act upon within conduct and reason to support you through your learning process. We presume that upon requesting or placing an order, our customers usually have read and understood our terms and conditions applied to our services and products. Hopepapers.com does not make warranties concerning grades. However, we usually proffer our customer with the highest quality academic research assistance in the whole world. Our warranties usually guarantee clients with authentic referenced and superior paper written from scratch. We follow through the client order instruction to the letter. Most people view online writing services peculiarly. Nevertheless, Hopepapers.com has been offering this kind of services for a long time now. Basically the reason behind Hope Papers success is rooted on our policies to stand firm to our objectives. Our core objective is to stand firm with the student through their learning process.

Whenever, a customer agrees with our terms and conditions, they have legally authorized Hope Papers to deduct from their credit card the funds agreed for the payment of the services to be rendered. You will only be charged the amounted reflected on your order page. It’s illegal to use stolen credit card to make payments. Whenever, such cases are observed we usually report them to the appropriate law enforcement bureaus. We are pioneers in curbing cyber crimes and we advocate for transparency in order payments. All ill attempts of payment fraud will be reported and the perpetrators prosecuted.

Free Revision Policy
Hope Papers writing services are fair and transparent. We usually exercise free revision policy to ascertain that the customer is satisfied with his/her work. To request for revision the customer is granted with 14 days grace period. After the grace period matures we usually close the revision opportunity. We have departments and system emplaced to ascertain quality assurance. However, if the client fills that his/her paper instructions have not been adhered to completely they may request for revision. After the request has been made the writer will revise the paper free of charge. However, this must be done within the grace period of 14 days. Thus, we usually advocate that the clients review their papers once there are recipient to avoid inconveniences. For instance whenever a writer does not follow the customer’s instructions, we usually fix this issue at no extra cost. At the client request and from the discretion of the quality assurance department we will request the writer to do an overhaul or rewrite the whole paper from the scratch.

Conditional Refund Guarantee
On very limited occasion a customer may not be satisfied with the research paper uploaded. In such instances, Hope Papers warranties full refund of your money on condition that the refund request is made within the first three days after receiving the research paper. However, prior to lodge refunds complain, Hope Papers shall assume that you’re satisfied with the research paper. Our policies clearly state that the customer will not be liable for refund after 72 hours have lapsed after being recipient and acknowledging of the research paper. Furthermore, after receiving the research paper and you’re not confidence in it you have the right to cancel the order. However, customers should learn that accounts credits are usually not refunded. All refunds and cancellation should be expressed in writing to the dispute departments. The client can also email complains and the refunds request to support department. Hope Papers, however, hold all the right and discretion to either grant or reject refund requests. This is usually executed through individual order basis, depending on contract violation. There several issues which might hinder the client from receiving their paper on time. These include:

Hope Papers usually proposes that customer combine offers and discount codes together. The application to both of these incentives should be projected on two different papers. Usually Hope Papers extends its gratitude to our standard writing services customers only by providing numerous reasonable discounts. All our customers are advised that Hope Papers only provide discount to clients that use standard writing services only. However, once the customer applies for these discounts, they are not legible for any other incentives.

Late Payment
Hope Papers only commences crafting any ordered paper upon payment verification. Thus we usually do not take any responsibility for late payment which collides with the service or product deadline.

Verification Issues
Hope Papers full respect your discretion and security. With numerous accounts of cyber crimes and fraudsters disguised as online writing agency support, we are very strict on protecting and verifying payment processes to ascertain transparency and security. This is maintained so as to protect the client billing information from hackers and fraudsters.

Lack of Clear Instructions
Hope Papers usually recommend that the customer provide clear and lucid order instruction when placing his/her orders. In the event that t6he customer does not proffer lucid and precise instruction within the grace period (deadline) proposed, then Hope Papers will be hindered to provide any pledged warranties.

The Sources
Sometimes a customer might request many sources which are not readily available, obscure and limited to the public. In such cases the search for these sources might delay the delivery of the paper. Therefore, to mitigate such cases we usually encourage customers to offer their choice sources to the writers when placing the order. These should follow the time line listed below:

  • If the order deadline is between 48-10 days then the client is required to provide sources materials within the first 8 hours after placing the order.
  • If the order deadline is between 12 hours to one day then we recommend that the sources materials be uploaded within the first 60 minutes.
  • If the order deadline is between twelve hours or less then it is necessary to provide the reference materials within the first 20 minutes.

Hope Papers will assume that after you have placed an order with us and completed the payment procedure that you fully understood and acknowledged in details our Terms and Condition. We also suppose that the customer fully acknowledges that the agreement to our terms and condition are legally binding (contract). Therefore, beyond the pledge and warranty proffered, no other directives beyond the fore-mentioned shall apply. We serious discourage the use of stolen credit card and strict lawful measures are applied to such serious crime. Hope Papers will report any case of stolen card forgery to the state or federal authority’s agencies to promote transparency and maintain out ethical and moral policies.

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