Text and Traditions Custom Essay

Topic: Text and Traditions

Question 1
“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”
Hamlet laments that the problems in Denmark have been left for him to solve. Critically
compare the way in which individuals act in response to perceived problems in politics or the state in Hamlet and another text.

Question 2
Critically examine the way in which the prospect of a state after death – be it a Christian conception or an Ancient Greek conception – influences the way in which characters think and act in this world. Your answer should critically compare Hamlet and one other text.

Question 3
“For most critics of Shakespeare, Ophelia has been an insignificant minor character in the play, touching in her weakness and madness but chiefly interesting, of course, in what she tells us about Hamlet.”
Are the female characters in the texts you have studied significant only in their relationships to the men around them? Critically assess the extent to which these female figures tell us something about women’s stories. Your answer should critically compare Hamlet and one other text.

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