the effect of mixed gender class on Saudi students Custom Essay

I did a research about the effect of mixed gender class of Saudi student in DIFC college. I want from you to do a formative annotated bibliography for the source that I did not use it in my research. I will up lode my research and the source for you.
Please follow the instructions below.
first things you have to do is the Reference for the subject

make a reference for Single-sex Education: What Does Research Tell Us?


In this section, you should say why you selected this source for reading:
•how relevant it is to my task the effect of co-education on Saudi student in DIFC college.
•how academic/reliable it is

In this section, you should summarise the main points of the article.


: Here you should write what the strengths of the source are.

Here you should write what the weaknesses of the source are.
Relevance to task:
Here you should write how you could use the information in the source for your assignment. You should also state whether you have decided to use the source or not.

Final notes:
• All of the text in red must be deleted.
• Each of the 3 main sections (selection, summary and evaluation) should be roughly between 200 and 250 words. This means a total of between 600 and 750 words for those 3 sections. The total for my sample Annotated Bibliography (minus the reference) is 725 words.

Thank you

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