The impact of cultural differences on HR practices Custom Essay

It has been argued that the same HR practices may not produce the same results in different cultural contexts.
Given this, choose two of the following HR practices and explain how cultural differences may have an impact. (CHOOSE ONLY TWO OF THE FOLLOWING HR PRACTICES)
1. Performance management
2. Recruitment and selection
3. Human resource planning
4. Employee involvement in decision making
5. Staff induction

Support your discussion with academic literature and case examples. Case examples could be drawn from various sources including journal articles, newspapers and company reports.
The aim of this assignment is to enable you to demonstrate the understanding of challenges companies face in the realm of International HRM. This essay also enables you to apply the knowledge and skills to gain in the subject to real life issues in the work environment. When preparing this Essay, you need to be able to:
•compare and contrast approaches to international human resource management practice
•reflect, contrast and critically evaluate the differences and similarities in human resource management practices among different cultures;
•examine and justify criteria for selecting, preparing, managing and repatriating international managers;
•In-text citations and a reference list must be provided using APA style of referencing.

Scope of assignment (includes: breadth/depth of knowledge, focus on topic, support of arguments, quality of case examples).
· Demonstrates understanding of the nature of IHRM
· Considers contemporary needs of business in strategic decisions.
· Identifies key issues for discussion
· Provides support for observations.
· Discussion is focused on the requirements of the Task (ie. does not noticeably digress from the topic and incorporate irrelevant issues) – Clear and exact understanding, interpretation and presentation of ideas and arguments relevant to the assignment task.
Demonstrates appropriate selection and integration of ideas and theory.
Demonstrates breadth and depth of understanding and has insights and awareness of deeper more subtle aspects of the topic content. Evidence of originality and independent thought.

Structure (Includes: Organisation of ideas, logical argument, use of support/evidence)
· Use of correctly structured argument
· Addresses issues clearly, and develops a relevant line of argument
· Discussion/argument is presented, developed and supported in a standard appropriate to level of study. – Main arguments and conclusions clearly presented in the introduction and conclusion paragraphs.
Provides strong, clearly articulated arguments, with supporting evidence from literature and/or real world examples.
Fluent writing style appropriate to the assessment tasks.
Main points discussed in logically sequential paragraphs.
Summary in final paragraph.

Evidence of reading (Includes: range of suitable references used, correct referencing/citation technique)
· Discussion demonstrates evidence of reading beyond the study materials
· Suitable references have been used to enhance and support issues raised in the discussion
· Source material has been cited and referenced correctly. – Evidence of having researched/read more widely beyond the core material. Accurate referencing and citation (almost flawless).

Presentation (Includes: clarity of expression and presentation of ideas)
· Follows presentation guidelines presented in Subject Outline
· Correct use of APA referencing style
· Written in clear, comprehensible English. – Expression and presentation of ideas are developed and clear. Fluent writing style appropriate to assessment item.
Grammar and spelling accurate

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