The transformation of youth and childrens content production by public broadcasters in the multi platform era Custom Essay

My subject area is media production and in particular I am looking at how today’s multi-platform pervasion has changed the traditional television production especially content for children and young people in Public Service Broadcaster (PSB).
I want to do comparative discussion between the BBC and NHK(Japan broadcasting corporation).
I have already submitted my proposal and received a feedback from my supervisor.
Then I started dealing with my dissertation, however, I realised that I don’t know anything about methodologies or preferable structures or things like that.
That’s why I am asking your help.

To be honest, I firstly used another writing service, which was horrible experience.
They couldn’t keep the deadline and they didn’t respond to me even though I sent message again and again. In addition to this, more importantly the quality of the work is really unsatisfactory. Since they broke the deadline more than 12days, my submission deadline is approaching… I need more trustworthy people’s help.
I hope you can help me out from this devastating situation.

I will send my proposal, the feedback from my supervisor, and incomplete dissertation which give you general idea and supervisor’s advise.
However, let me point out that I’m not satisfied with previous dissertation at all. It’s not focused on the comparative analysis between the BBC and NHK, and digital development in the field of children and youth content. It mainly describes a lot of unrelated topics (that paper is explaining boring history of PSB too much, including American PBS which is not this paper’s objective). What’s more the paper is explaining different Apple’s products details without highlighting any link between this paper’s aims (just like product advertisement…).
Please read my proposal and supervisor’s feedback carefully so that you can keep your work on track (Please make sure you will discuss OTT, Netflix in the context of the relationship between PSBs).

Regarding literature review, the amount of bibliograpy is still too short in my proposal so more resources need to be added.

When it comes to primary research, I conducted some interviews with professionals which I want to utilise in my paper.

In terms of the referencing, my university requires APA6th so please keep it in mind.

I hope we can develop this paper together, so please let me know if you have any question. Considering the last time’s terrible experience, I think frequent discussion and trust are fundamental things to finalise polished work.

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