The UBS Diversity Case Custom Essay

Topic: The UBS Diversity Case

1.Conduct a literature search using the online library on Edgar Schein’s model of three levels of culture (artifacts, espoused and operational values, and basic underlying assumptions).
2.Read the case study “The UBS Diversity Case” in Harvey and Allard (2012).
3.Prepare a five- to seven-page paper analyzing the case, integrating the following: a.What are some specific examples of each level at UBS, using Edgar Schein’s model of levels of culture?
b.How could a women’s network or affinity group have been used at UBS to prevent these gender-related lawsuits?
c.Given the fact that there are not a lot of women in upper management at UBS, how could the organization design and implement an effective mentoring program?
d.In the paper’s conclusion, address how the artifacts, values, and assumptions about women in the UBS case might apply to other non-dominant groups in any organization.

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