To what extent is global capitalism in crisis? Custom Essay

Students are to choose one of the essay questions listed below and write a research essay in response to that question. The purpose of the essay is to develop your capabilities in reading, interpretation and critical analysis. It will allow you to gain a developed understanding of one area of the course and will test your ability to construct a clear and coherent argument in response to the essay question. Detailed information about essay writing and criteria against which essays will be assessed will be provided in the Town Hall meeting in week 5 and on the LMS site.
Essays should be properly referenced and include a bibliography.
Essay Questions
1. To what extent is global capitalism in crisis?
2. In what ways were liberal ideas entrenched in the immediate post-WWII international economic order?
3. How effective are multilateral economic institutions at achieving their core organizational purpose? Answer with detailed reference to ONE institution.
4. To what extent have the main features of the global economic order established after World War Two been transformed by globalisation?
5. What role do non-state actors play in shaping the global economic order?
6. Does regionalism promote or undermine globalisation?
7. ‘Neo-liberalism remains the dominant global ideology’. Critically evaluate this claim.
8. Does globalisation promote prosperity and opportunity for all?
9. Why has international co-operation to respond to climate change been so hard to achieve?
10. How does power operate in the global economic order, and with which actors does it ultimately lie?

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