UDL Rationale Custom Essay

Topic: UDL Rationale Assignment

This is a Masters of Special Education course assignment about describing and explaining the planning process you used for constructing your first lesson plan using the UDL Instructional planning process. The lesson plan will be uploaded for you to use.

I have uploaded two word documents that have detailed instructions for this assignment, as well as the lesson plan for you to go by to complete this assignment.

Be sure to include the principles, and the guidelines of Universal Design for Learning (Links to an external site.) in the paper. The lesson plan should explicitly reflect the decisions you made as you worked through the planning process. Be sure to fully explain your learning design, the evidence you have for choosing it (i.e., what evidence, data sources, or assessments did you use to determine the need for your design focus), and why you’ve chosen the instructional strategies to address the focus area. Be sure to write in APA format and include at least 5 citations.

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