Using Resources Effectively in English Language Learning and Content Instruction Custom Essay


ELL teachers will often be faced with making curricular decisions to support their work with K-12 ELL students. It is important to have a framework from which to select curriculum materials to ensure that the materials are culturally responsive, academically challenging, and in alignment with state and national standards. Materials also need to be age-appropriate and meet a variety of learning styles.


In parts A�B, write an essay (suggested length of 6�10 pages) in which you describe how ELL teachers select and use appropriate resources to enhance language instruction.

A. Identify at least eight different print and nonprint ELL resources, including curricula, trade books, and audiovisual materials, as well as multimedia software and Web resources.At least one of the resources must be computer-based (software or Web resource).

1. Explain (suggested length of 1�2 pages) why each resource is appropriate for the students� age, learning styles, and language proficiency. (You may use information from the publisher to help you evaluate the resources, and you may also combine your discussion of similar resources.)

2. Explain (suggested length of 1�2 pages) how these resources are culturally responsive and connect students� previous cultural experiences to new L2 (students� second language) content. (You may discuss the resources collectively rather than repeating similar information about each separate resource.)

B. Describe (suggested length of 3�4 pages) how ELL teachers select and use culturally, linguistically, and developmentally appropriate resources�including computer software and Internet resources�to enhance language instruction.

1. Explain how each of your selected resources are linguistically accessible and age-appropriate.

2. Explain how each of your selected resources meets the needs of the range of developing language and content-area abilities of students at various stages of learning.

Sites provided that may be used for information on resources:

I listed 8 references needed but that is not necessary as some can come from the same website.

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